Heartwarming Stories About Dogs

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Their love is unconditional, they are amazingly loyal, they have funny antics that relieve our stress and no matter what trouble they get themselves into, we can’t help but forgive them because they are just so adorable. They are also fearless when they know their owners are in trouble and need their help; they will readily lay their lives down for you without second thoughts.

There have been countless heartwarming stories about dogs that prove they really are amazing creatures and the following are just a few examples…

Capitan, The Loyal Dog, Sits By Master’s Grave For Years

German shepherd Capitan never left his master’s grave since 2006. The dog’s owner, Manuel Guzman died in 2006 and a week after his burial, family members noticed that Capitan was missing. When he didn’t come home days later, the family assumed the dog was dead. But it turned out, Capitan somehow found his master’s grave despite not being brought to the cemetery during the burial and has been staying there since. The family attempted to bring the dog home but every time they do, Capitan always finds a way to return to his best friend’s grave. The cemetery staff has decided to allow the dog to stay and to take care of him.

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Cancer-stricken Bulldog Saves Owner from House Fire

Brittney is dying of cancer but on the night of the house fire, her weakened condition did not keep her from barking so loudly to wake her owner up which saved his life.

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Found Dog Saves Man With Down Syndrome

A family consisting of divorced mother Yolanda, her 10 year old son Azaiah and elder son Christian, 21 who has Down syndrome, decided to keep a little dog their neighbor found until the owner comes forward. That dog ended up saving Christian’s life when he had a violent seizure alone in his room.

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Pit Bull Takes Bullet to the Head to Save Owner

An intruder posing as a FedEx guy pushed himself inside Justin Becker’s apartment. Kilo the pit bull came rushing to his owner’s defense but was shot in the head by the intruder who then ran away. The bullet entered Kilo’s head and exited through his neck but veterinarians were able to save him.

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Guide Dog for a Blind Dog

A-heartwarming-story-about-dogsLily the blind Great Dane and her best friend and guide dog Maddison have found a home at last, after their story went public and warmed hearts around the world.

The two dogs were being cared for by UK dog welfare charity Dogs Trust, which had problems finding a good home willing to take the unlikely pair. Their previous owner could no longer cope with the two big dogs, and in July handed Lily and Maddison over to be re-homed.

According to the Dogs Trust, Lily’s eyes were removed as a puppy because of a condition called entropion, which means her eye lashes grew into her eyeballs and damaged them. Maddison began leading her dog friend and steering the way.

It’s amazing how Maddison has evolved into the perfect guide dog for her best friend. Humans can learn a lot from their pets.

Original Story

Dog Stays Loyal to Navy Seal dad Until The End

The following video shows how a loyal lab pays his last respects to his dad who was among those killed when a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

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